Allan (Lanny) MacDougall, III     President




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 Born in Pittsburgh in February of 1949, I am the son of Elizabeth Laughlin of Pittsburgh and Allan MacDougall Jr. of Morristown, N.J. I was raised in Ligonier in the same farm where I reside today, attended primary school at the Valley School of Ligonier, and then went to St. Paul's School in Concord, N.H. My University years were spent at Stanford both in California and attending their overseas campuses in Germany and Austria. I graduated in 1973 with a degree in Economics and History. I am fluent in Spanish, German, and Portuguese and can read both French and Italian.

My first job was with Mellon Bank in the mid 1970's beginning as an International Management Trainee and it was here that I met and worked with Doug Schofield. Over many years I worked in most departments of the Bank including credit analysis, trust services, retail operations, investment management and finally ran a successful multi-country portfolio of Latin American loans. I spent several years in Brazil and was Mellon's representative for the southern Latin American region managing over $400MM. In 1982 Mellon wanted to transfer me to Germany, where I had already lived and worked, but I longed for the Asia/Australia we parted amicably.

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I had met Anne Montgomery and we decided to purchase a 50 foot yacht in Buenos Aires and sail around the world. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that this journey of exploration would in the end take 17 years and involve two children! We were married in 1985 and spent the next three fabulous years sailing across the South Pacific. In 1988 I went to work for the Bank of Boston in Sydney, Australia and after several years, I transferred to PNC Bank, Sydney. Both jobs involved lending, credit analysis, and asset management skills. Annie became involved with collecting the 'Central Desert' Aboriginal Art and arranged gallery shows worldwide. Our son James was born in 1991 in Sydney and about a year later we decided to continue our circumnavigation. In the end we lived 5 years in Australia.

From 1992 to 1995 the three of us sailed through New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and eventually across the Indian Ocean up the Red Sea and into the Mediterranean. In 1995 our daughter Elizabeth joined us in Turkey. We explored the Mediterranean, the French canals and then crossed the Atlantic returning to Ligonier in late 1998. I am very fortunate to have crossed the Atlantic alone, the Pacific with my lovely wife Anne, the Indian Ocean with a growing family and then finally re-crossing the Atlantic with both children and Annie.

Since our arrival back in the USA, I worked first as CFO for Berkeley Process Control a high tech company based in northern California. Working in the West was challenging but took too much time away from the family, so in 2004 I began as CFO/COO for Creative Products International a Pittsburgh based importer. As of January 2006, I joined Schofield Financial Counseling (now Schofield-MacDougall) as a partner and am based in both Pittsburgh and Ligonier. In total I have over 3 decades of trust and investment management experience and have been both executor and trustee for many large estates. I am very familiar with Trust and Estate issues and also manage numerous real estate investments. I have board level involvement with several charities as well as our Episcopal church and I have a private pilot's license. In sum, I feel fortunate to have good health, a wonderful family, an inquisitive mind and many opportunities to be a positive force in my local communities.