We believe that an integral part of our business is to review and advise clients on their Wills. In addition we manage a number of Trusts and are happy to discuss both their advantages and disadvantages with clients. We can work with your lawyer or with one of our recommended lawyers but often we prefer to draft the Wills directly with the client and then obtain a lawyer's 'blessing'.

After reading your existing Will, we will prepare a detailed flow chart of where all your assets go upon your demise and we will review in detail both the tax, probate and procedural processes. We have acted many times as either Executor of Wills or Trustee of the Testamentary Trusts.

We also draft Trusts, obtain tax numbers and prepare annual IRS filings for all Trusts and Foundations (Form 1041). For Foundations, we act as trustees handling the annual distributions as well as all tax and regulatory filings (990PF).

We are pleased to offer personalized trustee services at a nominal cost and are very aware of our fiduciary responsibilities. We have had zero complaints from any Trust clients in over 22 years of operations.